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Chatoyance (real name Jennifer Diane Reitz) is a prolific Conversion Bureau author and artist who is credited for having codified much of the lore of TCB, possibly even moreso than Blaze himself. She's written multiple novels and short stories taking place in her personal version of the TCB genre, often collectively referred to as the ‘Chatoyanceverse'.

Portrayal Edit

In the original story, the exact nature of the barrier was left vague, other than it extends from Equestria, would “heal the Earth”, is harmful to humans, and humanity is already dying out. In JDR’s stories, the earth has passed the point of terminality, with the planet already over-exploited, ruined, and dying, and only three generations are left to humanity. Because of a promise she made to a man in the England of the 1300's, Celestia reluctantly offers escape to Equestria as a lifeboat to save mankind. Escape from the doomed earth has a price: transformation into Equestrian form - the alien physics of her Equestria are deadly to all forms of terrestrial life. Humans are allowed to choose whether to emigrate to Equestria, but the choice is difficult since the alternative is a slow and certain death.

Transformation is permanent, and while the converted former humans are expected to integrate into the native Equestrian culture, many programs exist in Chatoyance's stories to preserve the best of human culture and civilization within Equestria. These programs are run almost entirely by Celestia's sister, Luna, who also secretly preserves works that are forbidden or otherwise disapproved of by Celestia.

History Edit

Chatoyance is a transwoman and currently lives in Oregon with her three spouses. She originally studied biochemistry but ended up pursuing a career as an artist instead. She worked in the video game industry as an illustrator and level designer for fourteen years before retiring. Before getting into fanfiction, she created her own graphic novels and webcomics, such as 'Unicorn Jelly'. She also at least two original novels under her belt, though she doesn't plan to write anymore, claiming the world of physical publishing is simply too difficult to succeed in.

Chatoyance was first introduced to The Conversion Bureau after accidentally stumbling upon one of its spin-offs on Equestria Daily. Though she recognized that the story had a lot of problems, she also saw a lot of promise in the universe it depicted. Her first story for the Conversion Bureau was 'The Big Respawn'.


While Chatoyance's particular version of TCB has its own followers, its more radical approach has attracted a large opposition (just mentioning her name in some places is enough to start a flame war). Additionally, the effect of her work had on the community basically overshadowed the original story, where elements from her stories became many of the conventions used in future TCB stories, with many authors (be it pro or anti-TCB) referencing or taking inspiration from her work.

Chatoyance herself is also a controversial figure. When the controversy surrounding TCB was at its peak (around 2011-2013), Chatoyance was one of the bigger targets of anti-TCB sentiment due to her body of work and their contents, having received threats to her own life and family by more zealous anti-TCB members. Once the peak controversy cooled down however and both sides agreed to a truce of sorts, Chatoyance herself has kept a low profile, seldom making news.

Outside of the Conversion Bureau and MLP fandom as a whole, Chatoyance is known for the creation of multiple online graphic novels, the creation of the original - once the most visited games site on the internet - and for the creation of websites providing information and help to transgender people. She also had a fourteen-year career in the games industry, working for such companies as Activision, Electronic Arts, Broderbund, and Epyx.